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Scleral Contact Lenses

Let Us Help You See Clearly With Custom-Fit Scleral Contacts

Experience enhanced comfort and exceptional vision clarity with innovative scleral contact lenses. These specialty "super contacts" could provide the solution you need.

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Who Can Benefit From Scleral Contacts?

People struggling with conditions like keratoconus, extreme nearsightedness, chronic dryness, and corneal irregularities often find excellent results with scleral lens wear. The custom-contoured lenses transform distorted or unclear vision into crisply enhanced sights.

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Our Custom Scleral Lens Fitting Process

We create personalized scleral lenses tailored to your eyes' unique corneal topography. After advanced measurements and mapping, cutting-edge lathes craft lenses contoured to match and support your eye shape.

When Are Scleral Lenses An Effective Option?

Experience Total Comfort

Forget constant eye drops and ongoing irritation. The comfortable liquid cushion scleral lenses stabilize the ocular surface while correcting vision. Enjoy durable, convenient contact lens wear, free from dryness or distortion.

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