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Specialized Contact Lenses for Hard-to-Fit Eyes

While contact lenses offer convenience and improved vision for many wearers, some patients face difficulties achieving comfortable fit and clear sight. An array of vision conditions like dry eyes, astigmatism, presbyopia, and more can pose contact lens problems. Factors such as eye shape, prior surgery, and other health issues may also interfere with ideal contact lens performance.

Fortunately, recent innovations have dramatically expanded specialty lens options for these "hard-to-fit" patients. Precision measurement, customized parameters, and advanced materials provide solutions where standard contacts fail. Our doctors have extensive experience determining and fitting specialized contact lenses to address the needs of complex cases.

Overcoming Contact Lens Challenges Together

Some patients face difficulties wearing contacts comfortably due to eye shape, vision conditions, prior surgery, or other impairments. When fitted by an expert optometrist, these "hard-to-fit" patients may benefit from specialty lens options.

Dry Eyes

Chronic dry eye causes discomfort that contact lenses may worsen. We first treat dryness, then fit lenses with comfortable materials or moisture-retaining RGPs. Customized wearing schedules also help.


Astigmatism blurs vision. Soft toric lenses or RGPs provide needed stabilization and correction. Customization ensures a proper fit.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

Allergy-like GPC swelling stems from protein buildup on lenses. We fit GPC patients with daily disposables or RGPs that discourage deposits.


Cone-shaped protrusion makes vision correction difficult. RGPs suit keratoconus by contouring the irregular surface and sometimes slowing progression.


Refractive surgery sometimes leaves residual vision issues like nighttime glare. RGP lenses effectively counter these side effects.


Age-related near vision decline requires solutions like multifocal or monovision contact lenses. One lens corrects distance, the other near, allowing clear sight at all ranges.

With advancing technology, more options exist for those challenged to wear contacts comfortably. Schedule an evaluation so we can determine an optimal specialty lens solution for your eyes.

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